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The Need for Civic Leadership

As excruciating as it is to watch oneself on TV, if you want to get to know who I am as a candidate, this is a great resource . This is my appearance on the AALWV Candidate Forum last month for the AADL candidates. As I watch this again for a second time I think the difference I see in the candidates is the difference between the perspectives of civic leadership and civic service. While the two overlap, my drive in this election is to provide civic leadership and leverage the past ten years of my life in education, non-profit management, student attainment, and in service to traditionally under-served populations to safeguard the essential service and contribution of the Ann Arbor District Library to our community... for now and for the future.

We trust our elected officials to listen and to hear our voice, but we also trust them to provide vision, leadership, and guide us into the future. To this point, we need elected officials who are not only willing to listen, but also who are willing to state clearly what they believe and be responsible for realizing that vision. I have strong opinions about the current issues facing our library system. I want to engage in dialog as a leader while also pushing the conversation and guiding action towards what I feel best serves our kids and neighbors. I have strong opinions about what we need for this community. It is what drives me to serve and to give my time and energy. While civic service is important, this is a time of complexity, challenge, and change; a time where civic leadership and people willing to assume that responsibility are even more so.

Dr. Steven Simpson is currently the President of Baker College of Jackson and is seeking a position on the Ann Arbor District Library Board of Trustees in the November 2016 election. Additional information about Dr. Simpson and his candidacy can be found at You can reach Dr. Simpson at, or on Twitter@simpsonaadl.

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