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Simpsons- Tough(ish) as Nails

This is a quick post and politically unrelated post. A number of people have asked if my son is OK after I posted about taking him to emergency instead of to the AADL Westgate Reopening- . I want to thank everyone for their concern and report back that he is healthy and playing football again! I would also like to report that his triumphant return to the sport was delayed by one week when he returned to practice (no pads) to workout as part of his concussion protocol and within 20 minutes had tripped over his own feet, fallen, and broken his arm -BUT- after a quick rehab and the miracle of the modern day "Exocast", he was back on the field for our crushing 39-0 loss to the Woodhaven Warriors this past Sunday. Just happy he is healthy (sort of) again and back doing what he loves. Thanks so much for the concern. A proof of life picture with his coach, mentor, and best friend is below!

Dr. Steven Simpson is currently the President of Baker College of Jackson and is seeking a position on the Ann Arbor District Library Board of Trustees in the November 2016 election. Additional information about Dr. Simpson and his candidacy can be found at You can reach Dr. Simpson at, or on Twitter@simpsonaadl.

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