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Now Endorsed by Washtenaw County Democratic Party

This is perhaps one of the easiest blog posts I have had to write lately. In considering which groups I wanted to seek endorsements from, there were many. As I am a gang of one, or sometimes two to two and half depending on how my wife and youngest son are feeling, I really had to focus on organizations where I could achieve two things. The first is a philosophical alignment between my own political positions and the endorsing organization. The second, thinking about those organizations that would allow me to get my message out to as wide an audience as possible and that would help support my candidacy.

An endorsement from the local democratic party seemed like an obvious one. While the Ann Arbor District Library Trustee position is on the ballot non-partisan, I think the easiest way to help people understand who I am as a candidate is through this affiliation. So I want to publicly take a moment to thank @WashtenawDems for their support of my campaign. I am so appreciative for the support they have given me already, and the support I know I can count on as we get closer to the election. I sincerely look forward to being able to work more closely with my fellow democrats- hopefully in an officially elected capacity in 2017!

Dr. Steven Simpson is currently the President of Baker College of Jackson and is seeking a position on the Ann Arbor District Library Board of Trustees in the November 2016 election. Additional information about Dr. Simpson and his candidacy can be found at You can reach Dr. Simpson at, or on Twitter@simpsonaadl.

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