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Now Endorsed by the Washtenaw County Skilled Building Trades Council

I am very excited to announce that after a great meeting where we exchanged ideas and thoughts, I have been endorsed by the Washtenaw County Skilled Building Trades Council in my candidacy for AADL Trustee.

This is an endorsement that I think represents many of my values and core beliefs as a candidate. As a child growing up I was able to see how labor supported both my parents in their lifelong careers as public school educators. I was able to learn how and why unions and organized labor exist and how they protect many of our workers from abuse and unfair treatment. Even as my parents have transitioned into retirement, the MEA continues to work on their behalf.

I know first hand the value our labor organizations provide to securing so much for so many. I respect their continued vigilance in safeguarding the working conditions of both their membership and many others who are supported and benefit from their hard work. I am humbled by this endorsement and look forward to building a long relationship with our local labor organizations.

Dr. Steven Simpson is currently the President of Baker College of Jackson and is seeking a position on the Ann Arbor District Library Board of Trustees in the November 2016 election. Additional information about Dr. Simpson and his candidacy can be found at You can reach Dr. Simpson at, or on Twitter@simpsonaadl.

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